My name is Alyssa I am 27 And a California local.


 My current occupation is working with kids (ages 5 to 13) where anime has helped me inspire and connect with youth. I played sports for 10 years and love the outdoors as well as drawing, singing and playing instruments. Ever since I was a kid, as young as 5, animation, cartoons and anime have been a part of my life. I remember watching Batman Mask of the phantasm with my dad after preschool everyday. As I grew older I discovered anime without knowing it was anime. I would watch My Neighbor Totoro on vhs over and over again as well as binge old titles  like Speed Racer and The Adventures of TinTin till eventually Pokémon aired in the US. Pokémon was the gate that introduced my me to digimon, sailor moon and many other iconic shows such as DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho. 


Growing up Anime allowed me to not care about your typical girl stuff and just enjoy being myself. A huge tomboy at the time, it was all my friends and I (20 years later) would take about of re-enacts  “Kioken”. In short it was definitely a huge part of my childhood. It made me happy and brought awesome people into my life. 


Anime is also where my ability to draw comes from. As kids my friends and I would draw digmon and other original concepts for our favorite shows thus learning to draw by imitation. I would freeze frame my old tube tv to reference characters.


Eventually in early to mid adult hood the art of anime and its animation tugged at me in such away that I fell in love with this art of story telling and went to school for film, voice acting and animation. And so I never stopped watching or honing my art skills

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