My First T-Shirt Art Contest!

I just kicked this off, and I'm really excited! I first got the idea when people started creating art to my TikToks. But when I got invited to E-nime Con, I thought "wow....what an incredible opportunity to showcase some artists!"

I've been getting my name out there for a while now, staying mostly in the music realm. Obviously, comedy and fangirling has been the thing that is currently getting me more recognition than the last few years combined (hahaha, what a world). But I've always thought about what I'd do if I ever got the influencer status I wanted. If I had a following of thousands, what would I do?

The answer eventually became: I want to help people. Being an artist is truly a labor of love, and you usually end up having to spend alot of money in order to make art, so that you can make money, in order to make art...and so on and so forth.

So, I'm really excited to possibly be able to give some credit and MONEYYYYYY to a deserving artist. One of my followers recently commended me for agreeing to pay the winning artist, and that other influencers probably wouldn't do that. To me, there really is no other fair way to go about this. I can't imagine having someone put all that damn time into a piece of art that MY ass asked for, that I can't do MYSELF, and then be like....."k thanx bai."

Of course, the success of this model depends on the T-shirt sales, but I have a good feeling that it won't be a problem (hoping not to jinx this shit). And if it blows up, this will just be the first of many contests I hold in order expose more artists!

The first designs are starting to come into my inbox, and they're looking REALLY awesome. Let's see how this goes!

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