My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising DRINKING GAME

I'm not even gonna do a prelude to this, I know what y'all want:

Drink every time

· Deku gives a motivational speech

· Bakugou shows any microcosmic sign of personal growth

· Deku has to physically hold Bakugou back

· Deku has to tell Bakugou what’s up, very sternly

· Bakugou is characteristically a dick

· Bakugou visibly shows concern for someone else

· Todoroki goes balls to the wall with his quirk

· A member of Class 1-A gets a badass showcase of their quirk

· A member of Class 1-A gets injured

· One of the two little kids acts like a brat

· You detect any sexual tension or moments of attraction between Izuku and Ochaco

Finish your drink:

· When two certain students get the absolute shit beat out of them

· You see an actual pro hero

· You see a member or grouping of the League of Villains

· The first time you see Hawks (fine ass)

· You see classic shonen plot armour

Take a shot when:

· The final battle begins

· IT happens during the final battle (You’ll know when you see it)

I tried to write this responsibly....but I can't promise a reasonable person can make it through play responsibly.....*maniacal laugh

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