New Song Cover! - "Hero Too"

I've been having a blast starting to learn anime openings. It's definitely a challenge because it's not my main style, and it requires getting back into Japanese, but I love it!

"Hero Too" is not an opening, or in Japanese, but once I heard it, I absolutely fell in love with it! Honestly, I'm pretty sure the entire fandom fell in love with it. Season 4 of My Hero Academia really has some damn good insert songs, and this was no exception. The school festival episode this appeared on had me and my husband BAWLING. I didn't think it would hit us so hard but it did.

Learning about Jiro's backstory really reminded me of when I decided to join the military, because I thought it would be so cool to be able to fight for others. But I was also sad because I felt that I was leaving music behind. Now that I'm a veteran, I can see how there are different ways to be a hero, and that, in the words of Jiro's dad, "you can do whatever you want!"

Seeing Eri smile through her demons, of course, hit us all really hard. As someone who deals with mental health issues caused by childhood trauma, it really hit a sore spot and spoke to me. Sometimes something as simple as a day out with people you love can help the shadows disappear.

Anyways, click to watch my cover of "Hero Too" from My Hero Academia! Are there any other songs you'd like me to cover? Comment below!

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